There is a sense of old world romance to rose water that completely captivates me. From the natural form of a rose blossoming to stories of Cleopatra bathing in it, to a Persian Princess filling royal fountains full of rose water so that when she walked through her garden, drops of rose water would land upon her skin like light rain fall. It just has such a beautiful history.

Having always used rose water on my skin for it’s hydrating effect, I could feel it was only sinking into the surface of my skin, I wanted to gain the full benefit from the inside out, and revive an ancient beauty skin secret in a modern way.

Maintaining or enhancing your natural beauty shouldn’t be a chore, it should feel like a rejuvenating experience that is extended outside of the morning bathroom ritual. Beauty to me means always feeling free, by having moments every single day of little luxurious, whether it’s skipping the gym and going to a day spa, eating dessert after dinner, sipping on a rose beauty drink or sleeping in — the luxury of letting go.

The ethos for my brand lies within this effortless approach of enhancing your natural beauty whilst indulging in a truly beautiful experience of beauty, luxury and relaxation.