Launch Campaign // Mademoiselle Gatsby


It began with an affair, the dinner party type, a soirée to be more precise. Gentlemen suited up in their finest threads, noticeably dapper and unassumingly handsome, patiently waiting to court smouldering dames in off the shoulder gowns and silk slips.

Usually champagne is flowing, spilling over the edges of glistening glass coupes stacked towards the ceiling, amidst a setting of lavish proportions, however this evening was different, Madamoiselle Gatsby was hosting. 

She was mysterious, a natural beauty that was rarely seen, a minimalist with a penchant for finer things yet she appreciated the raw simplicity of nature, and here she was for all to see and adore. Gracing the marble dance floor, her body flowed to the notes of jazz music as if she was an off duty ballerina. Her hair falling across her face with each turn, admirers catching a glimpses of a rogue lip colour pressed against a smooth olive complexion. 

Beneath the mesmerising flecks of chandelier light, she swirled and sipped, a seductive scent surrounding her. Without a whisper she had the entire room in the palm of her hand, intoxicated by the allure of drinking roses, if time stopped this was the moment to stuck in. She spent the night dancing to her hearts content, quietly pleased as her guests discovered the notion of drinking real beauty. 

As evening turns to morning, Madamoille Gatsby awaits her porcelain bathtub to fill, she steps out onto the grand balcony of her boudoir, observing from afar, her guests leaving with lust on their mind and love on their palate, longing to taste liquid roses upon their lips once more.




Photography // Janneke Storm     Model // Sophie Applegarth 

Hair & Makeup // Shantel Fanning    Stylist // Chanelle Louise

 Jewellery // Holly Ryan & Ford+Harris 

Clothing // Bone Theory & Eight Slate & Maurie and Eve & Cmeo Collective 

Glassware // Waterford Crystal & Royal Doulton 

Location // Marriott hotel Brisbane