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Chanelle Louise,

Begins Within...

A truth that inspired a new kind of beauty product, one that goes beyond the surface of the skin.

Combining elements of edible beauty and elegance to formulate a unique luxury beauty beverage supplement made from roses to enhance your skins natural glow from within.

CILK is delicately refreshing, luxurious yet subtle, and uncomplicated, the way real beauty should be.

Drink Real Beauty

Crafted in small batches from hand-selected certified organic roses, enhanced by light floral notes of cold pressed hibiscus and a creamy hint of pure vanilla, embodying the perfect balance of botanicals left lingering on the palate.

Hand bottled in a bespoke understated black glass bottle designed to maintain the delicacy and longevity of the natural rose properties and preserving the biodynamic energy of the rose plant, while still exuding style, the perfect addition to your beauty collection, kitchen and soirées.


Since launching CILK ROSE WATER I have felt a sense of purpose and fulfilment. To me beauty isn’t about constantly striving for perfection and a flawless complexion, it’s about self acceptance and enjoyment.

I’m not obsessed with obtaining an overwhelming skincare and beauty collection. I prefer a lifestyle of fewer things.

I don't want to spend hours in front of the mirror, or in the kitchen trying to make superfood powders taste good. I want to feel free to experience the little luxuries — skipping the gym, going to a day spa, eating desserts and sleeping in.

The ethos for my brand lies within this effortless approach of enhancing your natural beauty and skincare while indulging in a truly beautiful experience of relaxation and luxury.