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Interview with Natalija Bouropoulos

Posted by Chanelle Louise on

What empowers you the most about running your own business?

I am inspired by a desire to reinterpret the traditional style of current sleepwear lines. The luxury about having your own business is that the possibilities are endless. I love creating pieces that make women feel beautiful and will want to wear them all the time, and love and keep forever! 

How has business shaped you?

How strong and resilient I have become. Starting a business opens you up to risk and uncertainty. Instead of letting my fear of failure hold me back, I got empowered! I learnt to view failure as a momentary set back, realise that the universe is not against me; and to be brave and trust my instincts.  

What does beauty mean to you and what does your beauty regime consist of?

For me, beauty comes from within. When you are yourself and do things you love to make you feel good; you are happier, your psyche is instantly lifted and this radiates into the world. That’s why my evening beauty regime is important to me because it makes me feel good! Knowing I am relaxed and rested means I can wake up fresh for the day ahead. My favourite is to use an oil burner and fill my home with a soothing fragrance like lavender. I find it’s a great way to balance my inner self before bed. I also get so excited when its bedtime as I get to slide into my silk pyjamas. They feel amazing, and I feel beautiful wearing them. And that’s the only way women should be feeling when they go to sleep at night…

What are some of your guilty pleasures or indulgences?

I always have some chocolate-coated blueberries stashed in my top draw at work.

Can you share what developments are on the horizon for your business and personal goals?

With the silhouettes in the sleepwear world becoming more versatile and not just limited to nighttime use, the opportunity to explore new horizons for NATALIJA has never been better. We have noticed, from our new Opulence Collection, the rise of sale of separates, where women are simply purchasing the silk Aisha pyjama shirt. This strongly indicates that people are incorporating the pieces into their fashion wardrobe rather than wearing them as a traditional pyjama set. So to develop a range outside of pyjamas; feels like a natural progression and is exciting for us!